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atWar: Стратегия войны игры

Strategy war games for those who like to play risk online free.
atWar это бесплатная браузерная многопользовательская стратегия созданная под влиянием таких игр, как Риск и Цивилизация (кликните, чтобы увидеть различия). Наилучшая стратегия - играйте против других игроков за мировое господство на высокодетализированных картах с тысячами городов и стран. Создавайте свои карты и сценарии основанные на настоящих или выдуманных конфликтах прошлого, настоящего или будущего.
Unrestricted by rigid movement paths of war games such as Risk online and Civ, atWar features unique free troop movement, allowing for the most intricate strategies. The game's warfare takes place on a massive scale with up to 20 players involved, dozens of different units, in-game political strategy (war, peace and alliance options), coalitions (clans) and much more to discover. Register using the simple form above or using social media id (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or play as guest!

Играйте в больше чем Риск онлайн

Online war games demanding strategy acumen.

Новый вид онлайн стратегии для тех, кто любит играть в онлайн

atWar is a free online strategy war game, formerly known as Afterwind. It is also multiplayer (up to 20 players per game), turn-based and browser-based. Unique features of atWar, like free unit movement, realistic maps and exciting 20-player world domination battles elevate it from the ranks of other similar strategy games. Players can create their own maps, units and scenarios using the flexible map editor - building own games based on any kind of military conflict, historical or fictional. With new maps and units added on a daily basis, atWar is constantly evolving, creating the ultimate ever-expanding gaming experience for those who like to play Risk online.
atWar, free online strategy games - maps from the past, present and future.

From the traditions of Risk, Axis & Allies and Civilization, without the grid!

atWar is an online turn based strategy game influenced by Risk, Axis and Allies and Civilization. The simplicity of Risk was a starting point, but atWar goes way beyond this. Realistic maps are not limited by a grid system controlling the troop movement. In atWar the troops - comprising of land, naval and air units - have free movement based on their individual range creating a unique control over your battle strategy, turning the game experience into a lot more than to just play Risk online. Unlike Civilization, atWar is mostly focused on warfare and military strategy, making the game a lot more dynamic and exciting.
atWar, online strategy browser and client game.

Real world population and GDP numbers position atWar among the best War Games Online.

atWar features real world countries and cities (unlike simply dividing it into regions like in Risk and Axis and Allies), for which real world populations and GDP numbers are used to determine income and reinforcements. City population decreases when they are attacked and grows back with time. These mechanics never intrude on the gameplay though, rather just subtly influence it.

atWar, one of the best war games - online free games and especially online free strategy games.

atWar was created with the intention to be one of the best war games online. The essence of war games should be the player's ability to defeat the enemy with their best strategy. atWar uses principles from classic strategy war games like Risk and Axis & Allies to go a few steps further than standard online free games with its revolutionary gameplay. Years of development has transpired to produce atWar - one of the best online strategy war games. Refining the game mechanics has led to a constantly evolving strategy game set to become one of the best war games online.

atWar team

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