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Написано DeepFriedUnicorn, 04.02.2024 at 14:42

If I had a € for every time a player complains about this games future, surely I'll be a millionaire by now

All accurate. Good job
Написано Zoe, 25.01.2024 at 03:10

Hi guys,

I never make a (shit)post like this, but I just wanted to see if anyone saw my dad recently. His name is "Dave," and he left to get milk some three years ago. Me and my few dozen other siblings previously belonged to an Estonian gay couple, Amok and Ivan, but Dave took us in -- only to disappear a year later. He still sends child support through his Somalian hamster-run server business. He said he'd be back with milk any day and sent us a letter a few months ago saying he was busy milking a cow at 2 AM and he'd be back this winter. I've seen him drive past our home a few times, but sadly, there is no milk.

Does anyone know where he is? Our family is going through a tough time, and we really need him to come back.

I've attached his picture. Please let me know about his whereabouts.

His daughter


I've been abducted by some guy with a strange accent.

He claims to be a "software engineer" but I think he's really a CIA operative.

I met this guy at a conference in Vegas talking about the benefits of TypeScript, but when I tried to leave I felt a sudden sting in the back of my neck and quickly lost consciousness. When I woke up I was on this strange tropical island where I don't speak the language.

Now I can't find my way home.

29.11.2023 в Relationship help
Написано vampire master V, 21.11.2023 at 19:36

Написано Tokugawa, 21.11.2023 at 19:22

Написано vampire master V, 21.11.2023 at 00:28

I am trying to get this girls (boy) number because i think im in love
but her (his) atwar account doesnt except private messages
how can i reach out to him
im desperate

apreciate the help

do you love zoella???

yes how did u know

What are your intentions towards my daughter??
Написано Zoe, 26.10.2023 at 06:13

How new players think their suggestions are read by AW devs

what truly happens

Написано Agel, 25.07.2023 at 05:57

Написано Dave, 25.07.2023 at 04:38

I agree, this game needs an AI badly

Woudn't a half decent AI be a nightmare to code?

A huge nightmare, yes... that's why I haven't done it yet
Написано ulvi., 25.07.2023 at 04:31

Hello Dave, If you want to get money from Atwar you should add AI single play mod because people is wasting to much time to wait to see their lovely maps and scenarios start. If we join and start game immediately we will play more when we play more we will want to buy more subscriptions. Faster games will attract more players more players more money more money is better life:))

I agree, this game needs an AI badly
25.07.2023 в Dubai
Написано Tribune Aquila, 09.06.2023 at 03:53

Dubai, a city that touched the sky,
Vanished one dawn, with no goodbye.
Skyscrapers tall and culture deep,
Erased, as if awoken from sleep.

Once a vibrant desert jewel,
Now a tale told in moonlight's cool.
A city lost, humanity yearns,
For Dubai's grand return sojourns.

I'm here at ho-em.
I love the poem.
Just because of that,
I put Dubai back.
Just logged in to say thanks! Love you all and long live atWar!
08.06.2023 в Dave... Please
Написано Palmitas, 29.04.2023 at 21:52

Dave... Please do something about the game
I haven't seen the game in a worst state this last 2 months since i've joined in 2019.
There is not much activity... or maybe there is in beginners, but most of them never play in main lobby because they quit they quit the game in rank 3 or 4
We need improved tutorials... Intermediate and Advanced tutorials have been "coming soon" for a while but they never come, players want to improve
Nowadays short-form content is really good to promote games... that could be used for atwar aswell, a game where you conquer other countries? I think it could work, the concept of the game is amazing.
And one last thing,
I know you don't have much time. I don't either, but I don't own a game. If you don't have time for atWar, please sell it. Someone there has more time and I know you want the best for this game.

Edit: And I can't even imagine how it must feel for the people that have been here since the afterwind days. The game they devoted so much time in is literally dying in front of their eyes...

I can't do anything right now, sorry. I will keep the game running but that's it until my other business' situation is resolved. I don't know how much longer that will be, so everyone will just have to be patient.

I do not intend to sell atWar. I will resume development once my schedule clears up.
08.06.2023 в Dubai
Написано Tribune Aquila, 31.05.2023 at 15:25

Where is Dubai?

Was it removed for a reason? I don't think I'm gonna be able to play this game anymore without Dubai due to my personal connections with the city

Yes, cities randomly disappear all by themselves from time to time... that's how awesome atWar's code is

Anyway I know about it and I'll put Dubai back when I have a chance.
Написано clovis1122, 12.04.2023 at 19:14

Hey all,

It's been over a year since my last post. I'm not active on forums (and in atWar, in general) myself. Still, after being part of this community for over a decade, I appreciate that our dear Afterwind (the former name of atWar) is up and running. In this game, we met many great friends, fought against great rivals, and made great memories. It is still active in 2023. You can still log in and play a game. I recently started to play more and more to remember how much I enjoyed playing this.

There may be fair complaints about game updates. But I appreciate that I can still play this -- If you are a millennial or even an early Gen Z like me then you surely know the gigantic amount of Silverlight and Flash games that ended up dying or being shut down. Think about it -- atWar has been running for close to a decade and a half! Not all the games can claim that much success.

Thanks, Dave, for keeping the game up and running. Thanks, Staff, for keeping the game going. Between the loud minority, know that I appreciate the effort you guys are pouring into this game.

As long as atWar is running -- I have hope that better times will come. Many of my friends moved on. It gives me nostalgia to think about Glenn, Spart, acqui, njab, and many others. But I know our memories will remain. A group of people has not moved on and remains bitter and resentful. Honestly, there's not much I can do about it. I hope the great memories we had in this game are not overshadowed and tarnished by certain events.

Let it be peace. For as long as atWar is running, and forever more.

Thank you Clovis, I appreciate that.

I will definitely keep atWar running. I'm in it for the long run. And I will get back to fixing/developing/marketing/all the other stuff as soon as time allows.
Написано Skittzophrenic, 12.04.2023 at 23:22

How will you restore the game to its glory days

No idea... you seem to think I have some sort of magic wand....

Написано Skittzophrenic, 12.04.2023 at 23:22

you said you are working on another project and that AW is just when you have time. Is that the route you will go with?

Yes... atWar has always been side a project... that's nothing new, I'm just busier now than usual. As fun as it would be to work on atWar full-time, I have bills to pay and I like not being homeless, so yes I have to do actual work (read: not atWar) to make money.

Написано Skittzophrenic, 12.04.2023 at 23:22

Do you want to neglect the game even more than it is?

No, of course I don't want to "neglect" anything. I'm here answering your question, aren't I?

Написано Skittzophrenic, 12.04.2023 at 23:22

Why not just cut the cord and put the game out of its misery then.

Why would I shut down atWar? That makes no sense.

Написано Skittzophrenic, 12.04.2023 at 23:22

This game can only go for so long without proper dedication to it.

I keep it running. I think it will be just fine. You act like I'm never coming back!

Написано Skittzophrenic, 12.04.2023 at 23:22

I would love to see it thrive again and have all my friends that I made on here back.

We all would love to see it thrive again. Like I've said before, I know so many of you are connected on Discord or social media outside of atWar, there's nothing stopping you from inviting your friends to come show up for a game whenever you want... it's not that hard.
It's funny how short people's memories are. They forget how bad things were when I took over in December 2018. How long had the game been totally neglected up to that point? How many things were totally broken and never fixed by the old devs?

People were grateful when I came in and started fixing things. There's still a long way to go, but nobody can deny we made a lot of progress from 2019-2022... I think it's fair to say I've done more than the original devs ever did post-2014.

But as soon as the progress stops for a bit, out comes the hate. Nobody says "is Dave okay? is he still alive?". Instead, people accuse me of "not caring" about something that I obviously care a great deal about.

Well, I forget I'm dealing with a lot of kids here. Kids who don't know and don't care what it means to have responsibilities... to have employees who depend on you keeping a business running, or family that depend on you to take care of them when they're sick... or any of that stuff. All kids care about is if they can keep getting what they want from you. I guess I should know better than to expect more from atWar at this point.

Anyway, I'm still alive, not that anyone asked, and I'll get back to work on atWar when I can, just don't know when that will be yet.
Написано Tribune Aquila, 08.04.2023 at 13:22

can you give us an update/time horizon for future updates soon? I would love to have an idea about when new tutorial might be implemented. I think we'd all understand if it's not until end of year, but all of us would appreciate having something to look forward to

There are not going to be any more updates on atWar until I get done with this other project I'm working on. I don't know how long it will be. Could be another 6 months. Could be 2 years. I don't know. All I know is it won't be forever. I do enjoy working on atWar when I have the time.
Написано Eridans, 07.04.2023 at 07:01

I have seen several children/teenagers who watch youtubers a lot, these, at least in Italy, make many series or in any case make various videos on games by advertising them and there are many children and often their parents who see them, it might be an idea to ask some of them if they want to try to make a video about this game?

In my experience everyone we've asked wants money to make a video, and the ones we have paid didn't bring in much return on investment. However if you know someone willing to make a video for free, go ahead and ask them! They don't need my permission, just do it

Edit: I should say that we do have still our affiliate program I will happily pay out $$ earnings for that.
Написано The Panda Jew, 07.04.2023 at 04:18

If you don't mind me asking how expensive do these ads run up on bids? Are we looking at PPC or Direct Traffic.

I don't remember the numbers off the top of my head. We did PPC ads on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and yes Pornhub. Also did some YouTube sponsorships (most notably Kings and Generals) and some paid Instagram posts. Not a single one of those ever achieved a positive ROI.
Написано cska, 06.04.2023 at 22:06

Can this game be promoted a little bit on instagram, facebook, tiktok etc. so we could get more new players and get some of old players back.
If this trend continue, game will be dead and there will be no more players.
We couldnt fill game of 6 people in scenario for 3/4 hours.(btw this is not first time it happens)
Please consider this idea.

Go ahead and promote it, no one is stopping you

I suspect you mean you want me to pay a bunch of $$$ to run some ads. If so I can say we already tried that and it was a huge waste of money.
01.04.2023 в Revival of the Game.
09.03.2023 в Price for AtWar
$300,000 USD.

Honestly I don't want to sell atWar. I prefer to keep it.

It's not worth 300K... that's just how much it would take to convince me to sell.
31.01.2023 в Shalom 2023
18.01.2023 в Delete maps
Написано DeepFriedUnicorn, 18.01.2023 at 19:57

Will we get the ability to delete maps that we've created?

Yes, someday... when I have to time to finish that.
Написано Eridans, 17.01.2023 at 03:39

In the meantime, thank you for your willingness to allow the cloning of the maps that interest me
My idea, however, was more about freeing all the maps after the author has deleted himself or hasn't logged in for at least 1 year, however the maps that interested me are:

Avatar (By Atari) by At@ri 353g - 1y
WORLD 50K by TheCommunist - 947g - 2y
Star Trek New and Improved by sea pony - 2899g - 7y
Scaled-MEGAITALY by ezzatam - 2232g - 6y
After Floods by J.Schumpeter - 752g - 2y

However, looking for the maps, I thought if it is not a good idea, given that in atwar many have entered their email, to send an email saying that for the maps created cloning will be allowed after a period of time to be decided, I think 1 year goes well and an invitation to return to play, perhaps with prizes, for example if those who return play a number of games to be decided, similar to how Fortnite does, for example

The invitation speech could be made at the expiry of 6m and 1y, then that's it

I made those maps cloneable

And I agree with your idea... someday when I have time I would like to put in a system like that.
Написано Mualbuquerque, 13.01.2023 at 09:33

I found 3 Santa's in the same game.

(Thanks Eridans and Dave for helping me!)

ProtoCoins delivered, congrats!
Написано Eridans, 15.01.2023 at 12:20

Looking at the maps I saw that there are several that cannot be cloned but the author has not logged in for 2 or more years or has even canceled his account

Wouldn't it be possible to allow the cloning of these maps after perhaps 2 years after the author no longer connects or even after canceling his account?

Yeah just lemme know which map(s) you want to clone and I can enable it on a per-map basis....
Написано I_Hate_You_All, 16.01.2023 at 15:52

Any update on the status of the atwar servers? It's very annoying and disappointing to be making progress while doing borders on a map and suddenly the server just resets or stops responding for at least 20 or even 30 minutes.

I fed the squirrels. Should be good again for a while.
Написано brianwl, 16.01.2023 at 07:16

Before i do a bug report:

Not sure if this is a bug or just my display, but it only happens on AW, and it only happens with rank symbols. {It seems random. When i refresh, some display correctly, and others not.)

That's weird.... I have not seen anything like that before.... ¯_ (ツ)_/¯
Написано Mualbuquerque, 10.01.2023 at 06:29

I found 3 Santa's but i do not know how to post the image here! I click "Insert image" but it just show those words: [img][/img]. How it works? helppp pls

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