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atWar: Стратегические онлайн игры о войне

Play Axis & Allies, Civilization and Risk online for free
atWar это бесплатная браузерная многопользовательская стратегия созданная под влиянием таких игр, как Риск и Цивилизация (кликните, чтобы увидеть различия). Наилучшая стратегия - играйте против других игроков за мировое господство на высокодетализированных картах с тысячами городов и стран. Создавайте свои карты и сценарии основанные на настоящих или выдуманных конфликтах прошлого, настоящего или будущего.
Медаль Атвар Хуссейна (уникальные функции свободного передвижения войск, неограниченный жесткое движение пути подобные игры такие как ;В игру войны занимает место в массовых масштабах с до 20 игроками, десятки различных подразделений, в игре политики и дипломатии опции (войны и мира, Альянс), Коалиции (кланы), турниры и многое другое для обнаружения

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Latest news

More good news, everyone! It's been a while since atWar had any new content, so today we'd like to introduce an idea for a new type of unit - buildings! There are two crucial differences from regular units: they can't move (duh!) and you cannot build more than one of the same kind in one city. Here are the buildings we have for starters:

  • Recruitment Center: gives the city 3 extra reinforcements per week
  • Forifications: +1 defence to all city troops (similar to General)
  • Radar Array: 150 view range, helps to see what your neighbours are doing and catch stealth units
  • Anti-air Defences: 20 defence against air units
  • Coastal Battery: 20 defence against naval units (former rare unit)

    All buildings cost 700, have 20 hit points, 0 attack (duh!) and 1 defence. All of them are also discoverable in captured cities, similar to rare units. Unlike rare units, you'll still have to pay for their upkeep.

    It's currently possible to build/find Coastal Battery in non-port cities, this is a known issue and will be fixed later.

    Before we introduce buildings to the live server, let's get them some thorough testing at https://atwar-game-test.com!

    Feedback and tweak suggestions are welcome. I know you'll want to give suggestions on their mechanics as well, but at the moment we won't be able to change that, sorry. Here's the list of things that can be tweaked (useful if you want to suggest new buildings as well):

    Own stats:
  • Max. defence
  • View range
  • Cost
  • Critical hit chance
  • HP
  • Stealth

    Increasing other units stats (all or a particular unit)
  • Same list as own stats

  • Extra defence against certain units

  • Extra reinforcements in the city

    Please note that we'd like to keep things like attack, defence, cost and HP uniform for all buildings. As you can see, you can't do that much with these limited tweakable things, but hopefully we'll be able to add new mechanics at some point later.

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    13.11 - Three new languages added - Swedish, Slovak, Farsi
    11.11 - Test server and two small updates
    19.10 - Silverlight Map Editor is now up and running
    18.10 - Zero tolerance approach towards ALL types of exploits & hacks
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